05 Hebrews Homiletics: Hebrews 5

AIM:  Obedient followers seek continued revelation of Jesus’ righteousness and that He is the God appointed source of salvation.

I. God designated Jesus to be the perfect priest and the source of salvation to the obedient

1. Role of Priest: appointed to represent, offer gifts and sacrifices
2. Empathizes w/ ignorant & weak going astray
3. Sacrifices for both people and himself
4. Like Aaron, honor of being priest is from God
5-6. God appointed Jesus as High Priest: OT references (order of Mel)
7. Mortal Jesus prayed and was heard
8. Christ obedient through suffering
9. Perfect Jesus = Source of Salvation to obedient
10. Designated by God to be High Priest Order of Melchizedek


  1. Priests are appointed
  2. Priests empathize
  3. Priest offer gifts & sacrifices to God for us
  4. Jesus prayed and was heard
  5. God designated Jesus as Priest
  6. Jesus was obedient in suffering
  7. To the obedient, Jesus is the source of salvation


  1. Have I thanked Jesus, today, for the work he has done and continues to do (intercession) for me?
  2. Do I picture Jesus as the High Priest in heaven and as a King when I think of Him?  Do I have that picture in mind when I pray?
  3. Am I growing in obedience?  What is my obstacle to being more obedient today than I was yesterday?
  4. When I face suffering or difficulty do I ask God to make it go away or ask Him to show me how He is using it to shape me more into His image?

II. Learning about Jesus’ righteousness is a continuing revelation and maturing

11. Hard to teach you – stopped listening
12.Your learning is not progressing – still on infant formula
13. “infants” not able to understand righteousness
14. Solid food for those who have learned to correctly distinguish good/evil


  1. We have an obligation to keep learning about Jesus
  2. Understanding righteousness comes from maturing in faith
  3. To know God = to learn and adopt his definition of Good/evil


  1. How do I define good and evil?  Is it based on what I think, what society says or what the bible says?  Do I read the bible to reinforce my thinking or to transform my thinking?
  2. Am I seeking more revelation or have I settled in my understanding of Jesus?  Am I asking God to help me grow and mature, or am I happy as an infant or toddler?
  3. When are the times in my day that I have stopped listening?


Seek Jesus, the perfect, appointed priest and source of salvation to the obedient.


Additional comments:

I was convicted by the fact that I am the biggest barrier to continuing to grow and mature as a faithful follower of Christ.  There are numerous times that I have stopped listening or taken a break.  During those time I continue to listen to and learn other things, things that do not yield eternal benefits, when my time would be better spent continuing to listen to the Word of God.

These verses also made me think about the mental image I carry of Jesus.  My image is of Jesus as a teacher and coach.  That isn’t wrong, but would I pray differently if I was thinking about Jesus as the high priest who offered sacrifices and gifts on my behalf or as Jesus as the priest who is also a King.  I’m remiss in thinking of the fact that I and those around me need to be saved and that there is only one source of salvation.  What kind of person am I to grab ahold of the life raft, but not reach out to others who are just as in need as I have been?


5 thoughts on “05 Hebrews Homiletics: Hebrews 5”

    1. May God bless you in your study of Matthew. We are currently on break from BSF classes and during the summer I am meeting with a few others to do homiletics on one chapter of Hebrews each week. My notes from Matthew are still archived on the blog.

    1. There aren’t any questions – just homiletics over the verses. The numbers refer to the verses in the chapter.

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