06 Hebrews Homiletics: Chapter 6

AIM: God’s Promises to faithful followers to certain

I. Those fully offered salvation who reject it are in danger of being cursed and will be burned

1-2. Elementary foundation: repent from sin, faith in God, cleansing rites, healing, resurrection, eternal judgment.
3. Moving on
4-6a. If “fully get” gift of salvation and reject it => impossible to be brought back to repentance
6b. Rejecting gift of salvation = crucifying Jesus all over again
7. Land that produces fruit is a blessing
8. Land that produces thorns is in danger + will be burned


  1. Elementary Foundations: repent, faith, cleanse, heal, resurrect, judgement
  2. Rejecting salvation is crucifying Christ again
  3. Rejecting the Holy Spirit has eternal consequences


  1. How am I giving thanks for the rain and crop God enables in my life?
  2. Do I have a firm foundational understand that I can easily explain to others?
  3. Do I heed the warnings against falling away?

II. Faithful followers have assurance

9. Fear not – sure of “better things”
10. God is just and knows your work + love
11. Be diligent = assurance of hope
12. Don’t be lazy – model faithful followers


  1. God is just
  2. God knows our love and our work
  3. Be diligent, not lazy


  1. Am I diligent and not lazy to the very end?
  2. Who do I imitate?
  3. Am I living a life that other faithful followers should imitate?

III.God’s word is true and reliable

13. God swore to Abraham
14. “blessing + children” for Abraham
15. Abraham received as promised
16. oath = sworn statement
17. God’s oath: Purpose is unchanging
18. God doesn’t lie + His name is greatest = Hope held
19-20. Hope = anchor to inner sanctum/Jesus, High Priest Order of Melchizedek


  1. Hope is anchored in the inner sanctum w/Jesus
  2. God is unchanging
  3. God doesn’t lie
  4. God’s name is greatest
  5. God’s oath is absolutely reliable


  1. Do I live my life as one with assurance in God’s promise or do I worry and beg?
  2. I will give thanks today to Jesus for being the anchor of my hope.

Summary: Woe to those who reject salvation, but “better things” to faithful followers because God’s promise is reliable

Additional comments:

I was particularly struck by verse 12 and the idea of imitating those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.  There are a number of books that talk about the concept of disciplining or mentoring.  Many of these refer to Paul and his relationship with Timothy. But verse 12 made me look at that relationship in the opposite way: Timothy’s relationship with Paul.

Do I look to imitate other followers or do I think I am above being taught?  Do I subject myself to the teaching of other Christians or am I a “know it all.”?

Part of being diligent and not lazy is in continuing to have the desire to grow and learn.  The elementary foundations of the faith are critical, but do we stop there or continue to seek additional growth and light?  Am I basking in the light and drinking in the rain to produce fruit, and, as importantly, do I subject myself to be weeded by the example of other believers?


3 thoughts on “06 Hebrews Homiletics: Chapter 6”

  1. Can you mail notes to 106 Hoover lane. Brandon ms. 39042 for whole Hebrews. I had to be moved and I can’t find anything. Thank u and God Bless u in all you do

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  2. Any way you can mail me the notes. I am moving and can’t locate. Miss study so much. 520 Launcelot rd. Jackson MS. 39206

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