07 Hebrews Homiletics, Chapter 7

AIM: God’s oath is to bring us back into a perfect relationship with Him through Jesus

I. Precedent: “Order of Melchizedek” priesthood preceded Aaron and Levitical priesthood

1.-2a. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek after rescuing Lot
2b. Melchizedek = King of Righteousness and Peace
3. Like Son of God, Mel had no beginning or end, remains priest forever
4. Mel is great, Abraham gave 10%
5. By law, Levites collect 10% from Isrealites
6a. Melchizedek not a Levite, Abraham still gave 10%
6b-7. Melchizedek blessed Abraham, greater blesses lesser
8. Levitical order = many & mortal; Melchizedek order = singular & perpetual
9-10. Unborn Levi tithed to Melchizedek through Abraham


  1. Abraham gave 10% to Melchizedek
  2. Melchizedek = Priest & King of Righteousness and Peace
  3. Melchizedek blessed Abramah
  4. Greater blesses the lesser


  1. I will tithe
  2. Am I seeking from my King an easier path through life or am I seeking righteousness and peace?
  3. Am I “set in my ways” of elementary instruction and tradition, or am I seeking more enlightenment to have a deeper relationship with my Lord?

II. Insufficient: Levitical priesthood & Law were insufficient to cleanse perfectly

11. If perfection were possible through Aaron/Levites/Law => no need for Order of Melchizedek priest
12. Priesthood change = Law change
13. Jesus was not a Levite
14. Jesus born through Judah, not a Mosaic ordained priestly line
15-16. A priest like Melchizedek appearing, by power not ancestry, proves the point
17. Prophecy in Psalm: Jesus=Priest forever, Order of Melchizedek
18. Rule that only Levites can be priests was set aside
19. Law was insufficient, now there is better hope – to God


  1. The Law and the sacrifices by priests were and are insufficient
  2. God wants us to become perfect
  3. Jesus received the priesthood through His power, not His mortal ancestry
  4. There is now a better hope


  1. How do I show thanks for the better hope?
  2. Am I seeking perfection through Jesus or am I accepting of my own persistent sin?
  3. Am I trying to reach a better relationship with God through legalism and personal sacrifice or by submitting to Him through my High Priest, Jesus?

III. Perfection: God’s oath made Jesus the perfect, eternal High Priest in heaven

20-21. Jesus is priest by the oath of God – not true of all Levitical priests
22. Through oath: Jesus=guarantor of better covenant
23-24. Mortal priests were many, but Jesus is our eternal priest
25. Interceding always = saves completely
26. High Priest Jesus meets all needs: holy, blameless, pure, set apart, exalted
27. Jesus sacrifice for us: One and Done.  Not needed for His own perfection.
28. Law appoints weak priests, God’s oath appoints His perfect Son.


  1. Jesus is a priest by the oath of God
  2. Jesus is the guarantor of God’s new/better covenant
  3. Jesus saves completely


  1. How will my thoughts and actions today praise my exalted, holy, pure, set apart and blameless High Priest?
  2. How have I seen God’s new and better covenant change my life?
  3. Knowing that I am saved completely, what bold act can I take today?

Additional Comments:

The end goal is to live in perfection forever in the presence of God in perfect unity with Him: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We aren’t there, yet.  That time has not yet come.  We still live in a fallen world, contaminated by sin.  The land is contaminated, the seas are, the rivers, all life has been contaminated by the sin of man.  To ultimately reach that state will require a change in us.  A new body and a new earth.  That day will come.

But in the interim, are we abandoned to sin?  Not at all.  God is a loving God who provides the best for His people.  In Exodus, He gave the covenant of the Law to His people.  He sealed it in Exodus 24:8, “This is the blood of the covenant that the Lord has made with you in accordance with all these words.”  Through Christ, God brought us a step closer to Himself through a new covenant, Matthew 26.28, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

God’s covenants and oaths are perfect and perfectly reliable.  Each has brought us a step closer to the ultimate place, perfect unity with Him for all eternity. We know from Revelation 5 that no additional blood must be shed for the final steps in God’s plan and promise.  The Lamb is worthy to open the seven sealed scroll and redeem this fallen world and fallen people because of the sacrifice He, Jesus, has already made.




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