09.3 Moses 9, Day 3

Make things right

We all understand the principle of restitution. It ties deeply to our concept of fairness and justice.  If someone takes from us, we should be compensated.  Their punishment is insufficient if we are still at a loss for what they took, it doesn’t seem fair.  It isn’t made right.

Simply replacing something isn’t restitution because there are always complications.  There might be a time with which you were at a loss for what was taken.  There might be inconvenience or suffering that takes place while the item is missing.  Even if you are paid back, you still have the effort to replace the item.

So on one hand we understand the obligation to attempt to make things right.  On the other we understand that we can’t turn back the clock or completely make things right again.

This is critical because it is at the heart of God’s covenant.  In his original covenant with Adam and Eve, He gave them life and in return He asked for obedience.  But they chose to disobey.  The only fair thing is for them to give back, then, what God gave them.  But like our attempts at restitution, even that is insufficient because it is counter to God’s original plan and goal.  We face the same obligation under the covenants.  God calls us to obey and each day we choose disobedience and sin.

But Jesus paid our restitution for us.  Jesus lived a life in complete obedience to God.  As a result, he owed no restitution.  But Jesus willingly chose to pay the highest price possible and in so doing, completely restored those who accept His provision.  In effect, He set back the clock to a time when man and God walked together in community with each other.

We, like Israel, have a long way to go in our journey to become holy.  But by accepting Jesus and asking for the Holy Spirit to live in and with us, we are on the path and it is now a toll-free road


My Answers:

property rights and laws

a “make-good”, a repayment-in-kind

Negligence and equipment damage, faulty tools, faulty vehicles

Theft, breaking and entering

property damage


Fiduciary responsibility and trust

When I have taken or damaged something of value to another person.  When  my sin against someone can be monitized

Respect and care of virgins, widows, orphans, foreigners, the poor. Laws against social deviants.  In other words, things that cannot be adequately restored (restitution is not possible)

So they could begin learning how to become His holy people


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