09.4 Moses 9, Day 4

Good Things to the Wicked

We know God is a just God.  We know that He is a jealous God.  We know that not only is He the creator of everyone and everything, but He also is the final judge of the covenant that calls all creation to obedience and holiness.

But we look around and we see things that don’t make sense.  We see the wicked prosper.  We see oppressors grow in power and strength.  We see sin magnified while those who attempt to abide by the law persecuted.

But our perspective is short and narrow.  We can see only the things around us, the here and now.  We are small picture, like the story of the blind men trying to describe an elephant based only on the tiny part they are able to touch.

Our lesson today gives us insight into a larger picture.  In addition to all the other attributes of God, He is also patient.  He promised to wipe out the enemies of Israel.  He could have done this in a single night, but he allowed them to continue as caretakers of the land that He would give to Israel.  To the people of that time it must have seemed as if the enemies of Israel were prospering.  They continued to live in the land of milk and honey.  But, little did they know they were simply the maintenance crew keeping the property up to date through their own expense and labor so it would be in the best of condition for when the Israelites were ready to occupy it.

Christianity does not have a principle of karma, that what goes around comes around or that good and evil must balance in a yin yang.  Christianity believes in God and His holiness and His love.  All else is sin and all else will be consumed in a righteous fire.  Equity and fairness do not come from the wicked being repaid with wickedness (even though in the end the wicked will perish).  Instead, the God who is over all creation has the power and authority to use even the wicked for His good.  Those in our time who seem to be prospering through evil may simply be accumulating wealth or power so that God can then use it, at the appropriate time, for His glorious plan.  We don’t know – but we should have faith.


My Answers:

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong – my yardstick of right and wrong is holiness, not the crowd

Special days set aside for God

God is just, merciful, holy and sacred

Jesus: Phil 2:9; Mark 2:10; Ex 3:2-6; Isaiah 63:9

11 explicit, 13 counting implicit

enemy 2 enemies, oppose oppose you, wipe out 6 nations, blessing  food/water, take sickness/fertility probs, full life, terror/confusiont, make enemies turn back, run, send hornet 3 tribes, drive out>1yr, little/little=increase, borders, give land to you

21 pay attention, listen, do not rebel 22 listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say

He could wipe out their enemies in a single night, but He is building Israel while using their enemies as caretakers of the land

I struggle to invest time studying bible daily but God keeps putting bible verses either in print or calling forth ones I’ve memorized daily


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