22.4 Moses 22, Day 4

Separated From / Gathered To

We look at death from the perspective of the living.  We think of the person who died as being departed.  We mourn the separation we feel from the person.

But in the lesson today we seem some very interesting and heart-warming language.  When it came time for Aaron to die, the language God used in vs 26 was “Aaron will be gathered to his people.”

The illustration that comes to mind is that of a container of play-dough.  One way of looking at it is this:  When the play-dough is taken out of the container we can focus on the separation.  What it was is not the same anymore.  The shell of the container is there, but the contents have been removed.  But, our focus shouldn’t be on the play-dough container, it should be on the play-doh itself.  It is removed to transform it into something new.  To join it together with other dough to create something bigger, better, more beautiful.  Is our focus on the separated from or on the joined to?

Because of sin, under the law, Aaron and Moses were not allowed to enter the promised land.  But, through Christ there is grace.  It is not that the law was overturned, instead it was fulfilled.  Christ lived the life of perfection that we (including Moses and Aaron) could not.  When Jesus died it was not for His own sin, but for ours.

Jesus Christ was and is eternal.  He was present at creation in Genesis 1 and He is present in the last verses in Revelation.  While He had not yet taken the form of a baby in the manger, Jesus was part of the Trinity during Moses’ time as much as during ours.

The only way Aaron could be “gathered to his people” is if his people continued somewhere that exists after death.  The only way Aaron, or any other sinner, could be deemed worthy of entrance is by the grace and redemption of Jesus Christ.

By grace we are saved through faith.  Are you a person with a soul or a soul in a person?  Is your focus on the container or the spirit inside?


My Answers:

It was land given to Esau.  God did not tell them to fight them, it was not their promised land and none of it would be given to them.  They were weakened in numbers from the plague and weakened in spirit.  It would have been an offensive act, not a defensive response

stayed in Kadesh then skirted the area by travelling through the wilderness

Is it for my honor or for God’s?  Is it for my glory and comfort of for God’s glory.? Am I being offensive or defensive?  Is there another path?  Is God directing me in a certain direction?

He allowed him to see and participate in the legacy of passing the high priesthood to his son.  He was celebrated by the people

There had to be a documented succession to the priesthood and, in particular, the position of the high priest.  It was not open for debate or discussion but selected by God.  The order of the priesthood did not change so the law and statutes and ordinances did not change, either

Jesus claim to the priesthood was His divinity not as a descendant of Aaron


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