22.5 Moses 22, Day 5


I loved the study of Psalm 90 today.  For the first 11 verses Moses raises up attribute after attribute of the Lord.  His majesty and might.  His eternity and authority.  One after another.

Then, starting in verse 12, Moses turns to supplication, petitions, requests:

  1. Teach us to number our days – how long will it be?
  2. Have compassion on your servants
  3. Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love
  4. Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us
  5. May your deeds be shown to your servants
  6. May the favor of the Lord rest on us
  7. Establish the work of our hands
  8. Establish the work of our hands

We have a limited amount of time on this planet.  Looking through the rear-view mirror of life, we see how we should have been thankful for every day.  Each hour and each day is a precious gift from God to be used for His glory.  We have no issue in finding the joy in the easy days, but we need help to be glad in the days of trouble and affliction.  Yet, it is only through these days that we grow.  To reach a new mountain-top we must pass through valleys.

But how do we achieve that perspective?  How do we find joy in the days of trouble and affliction?   (1) By God having compassion on His servants and (2) By God showing His deeds to His servants (3) Through the favor of the Lord.

When we face times of trouble and challenge, especially the death of loved ones, we tend to become more introspective.  We look backward, not only at the lives of those we love, but also at our own life.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it needs to be temporary.  We are not placed on this earth to go through it contemplating ourselves or looking backwards.  The journey of life lies ahead of us, not behind us.  We are here for a reason, for a purpose:  We are here to do God’s work.  When God’s favor is upon us He also gives us work to do.

When most of us are feeling sad, mournful or hurting we tend to pray to God to simply take the trouble away.  We ask Him to remove the sadness and replace it with joy, to heal us.  But should we ask for more?  Instead of simply removing the sadness and leaving us where we are, should we ask for God to instead move us forward?  Should we ask for Gods favor?  Should we ask for work?

The easiest way to get out of a rut is not to contemplate the rut, it is far more effective to get a little push in the right direction.


My Answers:

Death of the remainder of his family
God as creator and Lord, God’s authority over life and death, his eternity vs. our mortality, his power, his wisdom

appropriate perspective.  These are truths.  It makes me appreciate and put my life into perspective and to wisely live the days of my life

For God to establish the work of our hands (repeated).  This is not just cerebral or spiritual.  It is not mournful or depressing.  We are to get active and work, work from God.


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