07.2 Revelation – God’s Will

God’s Will

In Acts 2:1-21 we receive insight into God’s will.  The apostles were gathered in the city in the upper room in obedience to God’s will, expressed to them by the directions given by Jesus at his ascension.  The Jews were in the city in obedience to the law and the calendar for the Festival of Weeks.

In the writings from Joel, as recited by Peter starting in vs 17, we further see God’s will through His “I will” statements:

  1. I will pour out my Spirit on all people
  2. You sons and daughters will prophesy
  3. Your young men will see visions
  4. Your old men will dream dreams
  5. I will pour out my Spirit in those days and they will prophesy
  6. I will show wonders
  7. The sun will be turned to darkness
  8. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved

Notice that these are not probability statements they are assurances.  These things will happen.  There is no risk or doubt.  God promises and delivers.

These will statements are all promised, secured and fulfilled by God.  Our only work is to “call on the name of the Lord.”  It is not by works or measure.  It is not us, it is the Holy Spirit in us that gives us the words to call out and to be saved.

My Answers:

2 groups of people – the ones waiting in the upper room and the 3000.  Those in the upper room believed in all they had seen, now received the H/S to dwell within them.  They plus the others in the city were Jews.  All were sinners.  All were convicted of sin and called to repent and receive the gift – 3000 did and received the living water that Jesus promised

The Holy Spirit from inside of me speaks words (particularly to the kids) that I don’t know that I have – He has given me words and a voice that is not my own.  This voice of the H/S is true and real today in believers and will be magnified even greater in the end days during the time of wrath.

The kids.  My co-workers.  Through the testimony not only of my words but of my actions.  That they may see the spirit at work in me (not me but the spirit) and see what is missing from their lives.  We all feel empty without the H/S, it is the only one who truly fulfills.


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