07.3 Revelation – 7×7+1

God’s People Fully Filled

The Jews in Acts were gathered in the city for the Festival of Weeks.  This holy day commemorated two things: the harvesting of the first fruits of the season and the day the law was given to the people at Mt Sinai.

How fitting that this is the day that God chose to send the Holy Spirit to dwell within the believers and to convict and call the first new believers into the church.

How fitting as well that the number 50 is the sum product of 7×7+1.  7 is the number of completion, dating back to the creation story.  49 days is 7 weeks of 7 days.  50 is the plus 1.

Emmanuel is God with us.  Seven sevens is Christ living, dying and fulfilling the law and the prophecies, paying the price in full for the redemption of our sinful souls.  +1 is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  God in us.  Working in God’s saved people to transform us into holiness for everlasting life with Him.

My Answers:

Convicted of their own sin.  They could not fix it – couldn’t make it right.  It is devastating to see how broken things are and be powerless to fix them.

Repent, be baptized, receive the gift of the H/S, save yourself from this corrupt generation
Those who accepted were baptized and 3000 were saved



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