09.5 Revelation – Worship = Love

Worship = Love
or “Why Heaven isn’t boring”

There were two questions in our study this week that I think are very closely related.  One discussed the meaning of giving glory, honor and thanks.  The other asked for the “why” behind the action of the 24 elders.

I think these both come back to the same question: How do you define worship?

I’m going to define it this way:  Worship is a form and expression of love rightly reserved for God.

The saints and angels are not worshiping God in heaven out of obligation or duty.  They are worshiping Him because it is the only right thing to do.  They are worshiping Him because of Love.

This is a different love, than the love behind hugging your child or parent or spouse.  It isn’t a different love than the willingness we have to sacrifice our own time and talents (and life) for others that we care for and about.  It is simply a bigger love than all those things combined.  It is why God is so angry with us over idolatry.  It is us giving that incredibly precious thing, that is only rightly God’s, to some piece of rock or wood.  It is us missing out on the pouring back of love from God when we connect only to Him in worship.

It is also important to note this giving back component to the worship relationship.  Did you notice that the 24 elders give their crowns to God over and over again?  For them to do that, God must give them back each time.

The reason I don’t think this ever will get old or boring in heaven comes down to an ice cream parfait.  It is along the lines of the commercial line, “but wait, there’s more.”  When you eat an ice cream parfait it has layers.  You may start with a little bit of the chocolate, then mix in some of the nuts. The next bite might include a little of the creaminess of the whipped cream.  The smell of caramel, the coldness of the ice cream, the warm brownie, the sound of the crunch as you break through a chocolate piece.  When you are eating it, your total focus is on the delicacy in front of you.  Every part of you is fully engaged in the joy and pleasure of it.  Each layer you go deeper reveals new and exciting nuances that make you ooh and aah in new appreciation.

I think this is an example of being in the presence of God.  The more we see and experience is like plunging through another layer of the parfait.  The new revelation makes us want to sing out in joy and encourages us to go deeper.

Ok, that’s enough, I’m going to go get some ice cream and worship God!

My Answers:

fall down before Him who sits on the throne and worship Him, laying their crowns before the throne and singing a song of praise to the worthy, glorious, honorable and powerful creator.  It is the only right response.

Peace, praise, glory.  There is power and might that is honored and worshiped.  It is a royal Holy Day.

The best way to have God at the center is to have Him at the start and end as well.


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