09.6 Revelation – Ye of Great Faith

Ye of Great Faith

I normally don’t share in this blog on the last day’s question, simply because it is meant to be for personal reflection.  But there are 2 things I would like to share today.

One of the things that challenged me was to not get off on side trails this week.  It was hard for me to not spiral into wanting to pursue all the different thinking about who are the 24 elders.  And, if some of the elder are the apostles and since John is an apostle, would John be seeing himself? And, if he did would he recognize his new self in his new heavenly body? And, would this create some strange, “back to the future” paradox which would create a wrinkle in the time space continuum. And is that why he isn’t mentioning any wheels on the throne like the other prophets and no mention of the Ophanim?

See, what I mean?  Instead, I was reminded in the lesson that “the main thing is the main thing.”  The main thing in our lesson this week is about the worship of God.  That is the message, that needs to be my focus rather than diverting my focus down many paths that, if they mattered, would have been explained in more detail.

Secondly, as I write this, Paris and the world are reeling in the wake of new terrorist attacks.  When I woke this morning, I read a daily devotional that helped me and I would like to share it with you.  It was reflecting on Hebrews 11:1-2 and came from the NIV the Journey Bible.

“Did you know that you’re a person of great faith?

It’s true—you are, and so is everyone else. Not a day passes without each of us exercising considerable faith. For example, you did it when you showered this morning. You trusted that the soap manufacturer didn’t put some caustic substance in the soap that would burn your skin. When you drove to work, you trusted that the drivers of the oncoming cars wouldn’t suddenly pull in front of you. When you got to work and flipped on the light switch, you believed that the light would come on.”

In the same way, we live each day with faith in being able to go out in public to a performance and not be attacked by armed radical terrorists.  We have faith that the protections of our governments and police will be sufficient.

Yet, we know that faith in these things is misguided and an illusion or lie.  Over and over throughout the world we are reminded of this fact.  We know that evil is present in this world and has no issue with killing or terrorizing us or trying to parallelize us.  We see that persecution is real, despite our desire to live as if it is not.

If your faith is shaken by these events, look at the question, “in what have you placed your great faith?”

God is true.  God is almighty.  God is good and in control and the sovereign king and lord.  God is our God.

When we do not face fear and worry, we dilute our faith by spreading it across various false things: money, governments, negotiated peace, ethics, fairness in the world.  We forget what we know – we live in a broken, sinful (sin-filled) world, that is not fair, that is not at peace, that has very broken governments and no amount of money can change that.

Do not blame God or doubt God because of the reality of the harm and pain that sin has brought into this world.  Instead, renew your faith in Him and in Him alone.  Renew your focus on eternal life in worship of Him.

The main thing is the main thing and God is the main thing.


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