10.4 Revelation – Worthy


In Greek the word Worthy as used in Revelation 5:9 is “Axios.”  According to Strong’s, the definition of Axios is “properly, to weigh in, assigning the matching value (“worth-to-worth”)”

I love the visual that this image provides.  The scales of justice are not balance.  With the fall, mankind took on the weight of sin and gave up holiness.  This is not an even trade and has ever since thrown everything out of balance.  As Romans 8:20 states, all of creation is in a state of frustration.  The only way a guilty verdict has not been delivered is because God chose to delay judgement.

But in this image we also see the futility of man’s efforts.  On our end of the scale, we can not put things back in balance.  Think of it this way – all of the things we do to add back to our account (good works, etc.), are simply rearranging the things on our side that God has given us.  We cannot take anything from Heaven, nor can we remove any of the sin we hold as mankind.  We can rearrange things, putting a shiny appearance on the outside, but inside we are rotten and corrupt, hollow and without merit.

But Jesus Christ alone chose to move from one side of the scale to the other.  He left the Holy Spirit within His church in the Earth and removed the sin of the world.

He and He alone is the matching value to the perfection of God.  As a man, a member of the creation, Jesus, by whom and through whom all was created, alone has the ability at the day of judgement, to return creation to a state of balance.  To restore a kingdom of priests to serve our God.

He is worthy – Axios.

My Answers:

fell down before the lamb, each with a harp, holding golden bowls of incense (prayers of God’s people), sang a new song

slain & with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe, language, people, nation – made kingdom of priests

It models what should be my daily response to Jesus.  It also reiterates my vocation (to be a priest, part of a kingdom of priests, serving God.

Marked by the spirit.  I have seen Him move in my life to help bring others to Him.

we were (people of every tribe, language, people and nation)  It can and will be a diverse party, with great music!


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