10.5 Revelation – Praise Worthy

Praise Worthy

In Revelation 5:12, the heavenly beings sing in chorus to Jesus, saying, “He is worthy to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”

7 things.  7 blessings.  7 categories of blessings.  As I look at the list, I’m struggling to find any blessing someone might desire that isn’t part of that list.  Love?  But true love is a gift of the Spirit of God who is Love and is given in the same way it is received.  Peace, Joy?  Again, these are things of God and we have seen they are already held as possessions by Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Then we get into the powerful, but confusing, echo of Revelation 5:13.  John writes, “Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying…

As we continue to read Revelation, we will see that there are legions of people that will still reject Jesus.  Even during a time of His reign on the Earth for 1000 year, men will still turn away from Him.  As we look around the world today, we have a very hard time imagining every creature singing praise to Jesus.

Yet, what John sees and hears is exactly that.  Even as mankind strives to lie and deny, every part of us and every part of creation sings the truth.  We are like a child throwing a tantrum in the arms of a loving parent, yet, the entire scene further exemplifies and amplifies the image of the magnitude of the love of that parent.

How much of your “world” is shaped by lies?  How much of what you think and believe and what you discuss, worry about, live and breath comes from the tantrums of a mankind throwing a tantrum that it doesn’t need God?

John points out that it is inevitable.  Every part of creation, which was made by God, has no power or ability to do anything other than sing out praises and blessings to the savior.  Even our denial, shows the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice because it is one that pays the price for all sin with nothing we can do to add to it in any way.

Why do the elders keep falling down and praising God/Jesus?  Let’s put it in perspective.  Let’s say you are trapped in a burning building.  When you realize you have absolutely no exit, no ability to save yourself from the flame that you yourself set, a firefighter bursts in and scoops you up and carries you to safety.  What would be your reaction to that firefighter?  Now, magnify the severity of the fire by a million and the hopelessness by an equal magnitude.  Now, repeat this scene over and over and over, realizing you weren’t saved once, but repeatedly for every second you lived.  And that as you give thanks to the firefighter for the risks and sacrifices he endured to save you, it is further revealed to you each additional time this has happened, not only for you, but for everyone you love.  Even as you kicked and fought the firefighter in the smoke of the fire, he held you and his power is sufficient to save you.  The elders bow repeatedly because the alternative is to run back into the burning building.  The bigger question is, why do we keep going back into the burning building instead of getting on our knees?

My Answers:

power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise.  These summarize eternal blessings for the King of Heaven.  He is worthy because He submitted Himself to death for the sin of others and purchased them (us) back into the kingdom

It is all in – physical, mental, singing, praising.  It is not an obligation – it is an outpouring of love.

Everyone: in heaven, 4 creatures, 24 elders, thousands upon thousands of angels – all on the earth – under the earth, sea and all that is in them

made by God in His image -it declares God’s glory – it is vast, but it was subjected to frustration to someday be liberated from bondage to decay and brought into freedom and glory of the children of God.   – it testifies to the majesty of God (Luke 19:40 – the rocks would cry out) Romans 1:20 (God’s invisible qualities have been seen from what has been made

John saw every part of God’s creation bowing, singing and praising Jesus Christ and God the Father – with everything they have.

Mostly turning away from Him – wanting Him only to be “a part”, not the whole.


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