08.4 John – Transformation: Me or God?

Transformation and encounters with God normally go hand in hand.  But we face the same challenge the people at the sea of Galilee faced.  Are we open and accepting to having ourselves transformed into the image of God, or are we set on transforming God into the image we desire?

It is only through bible study that we gain a clear understanding of the attributes of God.  If we don’t know His true character, then He, to us, is a manifestation of our own thinking.  Too often men preach about their “god”, whom they base on the real God, but because they have refused to prayerfully read His word and listen to the message without preconception, is not God, but their view of what God should be to fit in their predefined box.

Here’s the deal.  When you understand the attribute that God is immutable, unchanging, then you understand that God does not become something different for me than He is for you.  There isn’t a deal of my faith and your faith, my beliefs and your beliefs, my definition of right and your definition of right, there is only God’s.  The thing that has to change, to be transformed, is not God or His word, but me and my heart and ways of thinking.


My Answers:

They recognized Jesus as the prophet promised by Moses and the prophets but assumed His rule would be a national rule of the Jews as an earthly kingdom, not a spiritual rule of all people who believe.

to pray, it is important to make quiet time to be alone with God


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