08.5 John – Storms of life

Storms come to each of our lives.  We don’t desire them.  We don’t enjoy them.  We never look forward to them.

But, God is in control.  Nothing happens without God allowing it to happen.  That does not mean it is punishment.  It doesn’t even necessarily mean it is something that we are a part of specifically for ourselves.  We may be part of a storm that God is using for someone else.  We don’t know the why’s.

What we do know is we do not need to be afraid.  We know that we only need to say the word and Jesus in right there in the boat with us.  We know that “with the Lord as our helper, what can mere mortals do to me?”

We also need to know that without the storms we do not get to see the rainbows.  Without the difficult and trying times, we would never experience true faith and we would never know true peace.  Without hardship and hurt and pain, we would not experience healing.  Without all these things, we would never recognize the miracles that Jesus makes happen.

We learn to rely on God during times we need to rely on God.  We learn to turn things over to Him fully in prayer when we reach all limits of what we can do on our own.

Hopefully, we take those learnings to heart and continue in the same practices both in the valleys and on the mountaintops.  But either place, God is there and He is in charge.


My Answers:

They obeyed, not because of sin – not all troubles are repercussions of disobedience

Because God is in control and it may be the avenue to allow me to see God do something miraculous

walked out to the men in the boat

see him, hear him, accept Jesus into the boat

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
What can mere mortals do to me?”


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