10.5 John – Just Dating vs. Married

On the day 3 questions of this weeks study I discussed the analogy of marriage and a right relationship with Jesus.

We really see that played out in our lesson today.  As question 13 hit on the head, the discussion has come to a question of “commitment.”  Are you committed to the ways of flesh or are you committed to the ways of God?

The disciples that were there, all of them, loved being with Jesus.  They got a lot out of it.  it was fun.  They felt healed and whole.  They were filled up.  They ate together, they drank together.  They sat at his feet and took in all of his teaching.

They really enjoyed dating Jesus.  But marriage?  That was hard.

Marriage is forsaking all others.  Marriage is every hour of every day.  Marriage is binding for the rest of your life.

But ask those in a healthy loving marriage relationship and you will hear of all the benefits and joys and blessings of marriage.  Can it be hard?  Of course.  Sharing the ups and downs of life with someone is not an easy path, you see more of your own flaws and how they impact those you love.  But is it wonderful, absolutely, like no other joy that people can experience with each other on earth.  The unity of marriage is how two can become one that is stronger than either would be alone.

Peter was ready to commit.  The Psalmist was ready to commit.  Marriage is a commitment.  Are you committed to your relationship with Jesus or do you just really like dating?


My Answers:

Flesh fades and falters.  I forget things, I say things I don’t mean or intend, I cause hurt and pain, I experience pain and weakness, my body ages and cannot do things it did in the past, it will day.  But the spirit that God has placed in me combines with my soul and created a new eternal life, one that lives forever int he very real presence of God raised up in a new body in a new world.

This is hard teaching.  They were fine with gifts, but wanted a more distant relationship with God.  They wanted to receive the satisfaction and recognition of earning things with God, building up their own self worth.

v25-26 Whom have I in heaven but you? Earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
We all know that this life ends, everything material has an ending.  If one desires more, eternity, there is nothing on earth that can reasonably make that promise to fulfill, it must come from outside of the physical.  God alone offers this.  Compared to all else combined, this is greater – where else would someone look?  To whom else would someone turn?


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