11.2 John – Calendar

Some days there is a BSF question that really hits home.  The one today was the question about the calendar and how you spend your time.  My calendar is filled with the cycle of work and business activities.   The timing of proposals, the cycle of payroll, the deadlines of taxes.

I can look at how Jesus’ brothers did not understand the calendar.  They failed to see that God had provided the calendar as a template of His plan for the Messiah, laid down in the fabric of time and the events of the calendar.  The feast days were as much a foreshadowing of the coming of Christ and His life and ministry and ultimate return as they were a reflection of the seasons of the year and harvest.

They sought a Messiah King, the one who would come in glory at the time of the fall harvest, the final harvest of the year, in great celebration of all that had been produced.  We seek that, too.  But, Jesus understood that day had not yet come.  There were still billions of people, like us, to be called to a day of repentance to be welcomed into the tabernacle of the Lord.

But, even though they did not understand and live accordingly, how much more so do I.  Their calendar, at least, was built around religious observances.  Mine is built around government edicts.


My Answers:

He was going about, teaching and performing miracles, but staying away from Judea where they were trying to kill him.  He should go because it was one of the 3 feast days (passover, pentecost and “the feast” 1K12:32)

Jesus basis was the will of God, the brothers was the steady march of the calendar.  Challenges me because my calendar is driven by business language, not even the festival  language of the brothers.  payroll dates, month end close, quarterly tax filings, etc.

some said he was a good man, others said he deceives people, no one spoke boldly for fear of the leaders.  It is the same today, people are divided and misinformed but few speak boldly of Jesus for fear of censure

I would like to say, boldly and with the confidence of the scriptures, but in reality I’m more timid in my profession of faith


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