19.2 John – Mind Blown: Three In One

Can you even imagine what it was like for the Apostles win the room with Jesus?  We are taking this a week at a time, but we need to keep in mind the last few weeks have all occurred in a matter of minutes, not hours.  The confirmation that Jesus’ death was imminent, one of the men at the table would be a betrayer, Peter would deny Jesus 3 times, that Jesus was going away but would come again, that He was going to Heaven and now this – there is a third person to God that is coming.

They would have grown up with the idea of monotheistic God.  The hints were there throughout the scriptures that the promised one, the messiah would be more than just a man, that He would be Emmanuel, God with us, but now not only is this second person of God, the Son of the Father, leaving, but a third person of God is coming.  Talk about expanding their minds and transforming their thoughts.

But, at the same time, they must have felt a comfort in this as well.  They longed to have God close to themselves.  They would have grown up with the wearing of the verses from Deuteronomy on their wrist and forehead, literally, not just figuratively.  They would have worn tassels and not trimmed the corners of their beards.  They wanted a private personal connection with God, not just at the temple but every day in every part of their life.  And now, Jesus has revealed to them not only would the Spirit of Truth be sent to them but that He would live in them, connecting them from the inside with God: Father, Son and Spirit.

But Jesus also points out to them that they already know the Spirit.  You know Him, He says.  And they do.  In the same way that they know the Father by knowing Jesus, they also know the Holy Spirit.  They also know the scriptures which are breathed through the Holy Spirit and they know God in creation where the mist of the Holy Spirit was part of the forming of the physical world that we know.

My Answers:

I = Jesus, the Father=Father, Advocate/Spirit of Truth=Holy Spirit.  Separate by the use of the word “another”.  Holy Spirit is a “him”

You know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.  The H/S is alive in me, shaping me and making me holier into the image of Jesus

The connectivity in love of vs 20, Jesus in the Father, me in Jesus, Jesus in me, the Holy Spirit with and in me..  It is the way we were created to be, the original relationship of Adam with God


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