19.3 John – Chain of Love

I love the message and the pictures in John 14:20-21.  It is a picture of total connection.  The image that comes to my mind is a chain.  Now, I understand that we often have a negative impression of chains: the chains of bondage and oppression and slavery.  But chains have very positive meaning as well.  They embody strength and flexibility.  They provide an accurate measure (in land surveying a chain was often used for measurement).  They also a good metaphor for the connection of us with God.  The three persons of God are perfectly interconnected.  The Father in the Son and the Son in the Father, The Holy Spirit also linked in each of them.  And the message of these verses in John 14 is an invitation, a promise, of a gift that will reconnect us into that Spiritual Chain.  We are not just outside, but linked directly to God through the Holy Spirit inside of us.

I think this is how it originally was in the Garden.  Man was not God but he was in God’s image and shared a connection that was broken when we opened our link in the chain to sin instead of Love.  But, by Jesus becoming fully man, He has restored the link.

My Answers:

Advocate – One who supports and recommends on our behalf
Spirit of Truth – One who is in spirit and is inherently true and the truth
Holy Spirit – Holy, Set apart, God, Spirit is the nature, breath of God, Mist, not of the physical dimension/world but of the spiritual

He is a he, He is not visible but real, He can be known, He is given by the Father and stays forever (he is eternal), we will come to them and make our home is Jesus and the H/S on equal footing, he teaches and reminds

Jesus commands us to obey his teaching, through obedience we show our love for Him and the Father shows his love for us in return.  The words of Jesus we are to obey are not his alone, but also those of the Father.  Without bible study we do not know the word of God, given as a gift for us for God to reveal himself to us so we may know and repent and love Him


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