05.2 Romans – Have – Not Do

Over and over again, as I study the bible I see God pointing out how much our thinking is upside down and inside out from His.  We expect a mighty conqueror, He shows up as a humble baby.  We expect a king to serve, He spends His ministry on earth serving others.

It showed up again today in this whole “apart from the law” thing.  The Jews, who were the recipients of the law, had attached themselves firmly to the law.  Think about what the word “adhere” means – stuck to like glue or tape.  Their everyday was focused on adhering to the law.  It was something out there, something you reached and strived for, but never quite achieved fully.

But, God’s word says it isn’t what is “out there” but what is “in here”.  Faith is not a striving or reaching, it is an acceptance of a gift.  Jesus isn’t some “out there” being that we try to appease, He is in us in the presence of the Holy Spirit for all who believe.

Even back in the time of Jeremiah, God was relaying this covenant.  He will remember their sins no more because He places the law in them, in their minds and on their hearts, not because they reach for it with their fingertips.  It is not just the law itself, but the fulfillment of the law that Jesus paid through His life, death and resurrection, that God places in us who believe.

Being made right – righteousness – is something that God places in us.  Faith doesn’t go out and grab the righteousness or purchase it.  Faith simply unlocks the door from the inside so that God is welcomed to come in and make us right.


My Answers:

Righteousness is being made right, restored to the side of God. It comes from God and given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe, Jew and Gentile alike.

It was not by supreme adherence to the law alone that righteousness came into the world, but by a an act of grace and love that was outside of the law but completed the law

G: Abram, who preceded Moses, was counted as righteous by faith
J: God covenants that all will know Him and he will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more because they carry the law in them not by adherence
Ez: Through a new heart and the indwelling of the H/S

All who believe – Read hear heed


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