05.3 Romans – The “WHAT” – Justification through Redemption

Illustration: You are a guest at an amazing place built by a family member.  While there, you steal something that does not belong to you and sell it to a thief, a common criminal.  However, you don’t realize the true value of what it was and sell it for a percent of a percent of a percent of its true value and worth.

Your crime is discovered, you are arrested and await trial.  Although your family member has no desire to do you harm, Justice demands that things be made right.  You have no means of doing this.

You appear before the judge and receive your sentence.  “Not Guilty”.

What?  Did the judge make an error?  How did this happen?

Through investigation you find that your family member went out, and at great personal cost, bought back what you stole to satisfy justice.

You have been found not guilty, not because of error, not because of something you did, not because of a technicality, but because someone else – the actual person that you stole from – paid the price of your injustice.


My Answers:

Not graded on a curve – It is not how we compare to others but the choices we have made through our own volition (whatever we think, say, or do, not only those acts that we have done but also those left undone and even the entertainment of the thoughts of doing/not doing them)

To be declared not guilty not by inaccuracy but by substitution of Jesus and His act and representation

Redemption: To be bought back (as in out of slavery). God is willing to pay the ultimate price to buy us back to the glory He has ordained

I am not earning this and this is nothing I have that gives value to God that He has not. But by love He wants me home. My response needs to be to get down and kneel and thank Him and seek to shine the light to others



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