06.5 Romans – Finished Project

I was working on today’s lesson and thinking about the relationship of faith and the law and Christ I glanced over at a pile of wood in our neighbor’s driveway.  They are having some repairs done to their house and had the supplies they would need delivered.

It made me realize that this is what the law was.  It was the raw materials and the plans.  God delivered it to the Jews, His chosen people, and had them set about working with it, building skills, developing their talents, but also so that they would learn and realize that they did not have the ability to take it from the raw materials stage to the finished project.

But Jesus came and took the law and, with it, built a bridge.  He was present at the creation of the world and He was the builder to repaired the damage caused by sin to reunite us to communion with God.

We aren’t called to sit back and admire the bridge, although it is a very beautiful bridge.  The bridge Jesus created is not simply a piece of art, it is functional.  With the power of the Holy Spirit, He guides us up and onto the path.  Actually, that’s not all; He invites us in to His vehicle and offers to drive us across. (I never thought about Jesus being the first Uber driver, before!)

If we stand on the side of the road, continuing to believe we do not need to obey the law, we, in essence say, “I’ll wait for the next car.”  We are not an example, we are not accepting the gift.  We are tourists, not participants and players.

To reject the law is to reject the building materials that the builder, Jesus, used.  It simply does not make sense to think we can or should separate the building components from the final building, to accept a building but reject the beams and joists and siding and rock.

My Answers:

Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it (Matt 5:17. Faith in Christ is faith in that fulfillment. That the forbearance of God to our rightful punishment was laid on Jesus on the Christ who paid the price of sin for all since He himself was without sin. We follow the law to honor God.

Hypocricy is what is seen by others. They claim to be followers and lie, cheat and steal. This is a stumbling block (and wrong)


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