07.2 Romans – Family or Hired Hand

Driving down the street you might see many people out working on their yards and houses.  Mowing the yard, cleaning gutters, decorating, painting, trimming, you name it.  Some of these people are the family members who live in the house.  Others are hired hands.  Sometimes it is easy to predict which is which based on uniforms they might wear or the tools they have to work with.  But other times the hired hand may be another kid from the neighborhood.

While they are all doing work that is visible to anyone looking, there are vast differences in the benefits they receive and the reasoning behind their activity.

The hired hand is contracted to do work and earn a wage.  The family member is doing the work because they are part of the family.  It may be something they enjoy doing.  It may be something they have skills and talents to perform.  It may just be something that they appreciate the outcome of the labors.

At the end of the day when the work is done, the hired hand receives the wage and nothing more.  The family member however receives far more.  They receive food and shelter, love and companionship, education, coaching, trust, guidance, goodwill and so much more.

No matter how good of a job the hired hand does they never receive the same status as family with the same benefits.

God does not hire us, He adopts us.


My Answers:

Abraham believed that God is God, that He would keep His promises and provide. Abraham listened, obeyed and worshiped God. He also worked and prepared accepting all that God blessed.

Because it is a quid pro quo (something for something). It is an exchange, a trade.

The gift is salvation and righteousness. The earned wages are death.

I walk with God daily. I also sin daily. My trust is in the Lord and I pray my actions and language serve Him.


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