07.3 – Romans – The name on your jersey

In yesterday’s lesson we learned that faith is accepting the free offer of adoption by God.  It is nothing more complex or less complex than that.  To be faithful is to fully accept the gift, body and soul, outward and inward.  It is a truth of the truth.

In God’s adoption we receive righteousness.  While this is a gift, it is much more.  It is a new heart and a new spirit.  It is God writing His name on our foreheads.  It is being a brother to Christ.

Think of it like a jersey.  When we become faithful followers we still sin; we fumble the ball, we foul other people, we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  While God, who knows everything, sees and knows this, He also sees that the name on the back of the jersey we wear says Jesus Christ, not our name.  When we sin, Jesus already paid the price.  When we foul, Jesus paid the price.  When we fumble, Jesus paid the price.  That does not mean there aren’t repercussions. Our sin is like a wave crashing over others and causing damage, even to the 3rd and 4th generations.  But it doesn’t change who gets called out and pays the penalty for our sin – Jesus, not us.

So, what does the bible call us to do?  Just go on sinning?  Not at all (I’m starting to write like Paul).  Specifically we are called to suit up every day and get back in the game.  The bible calls this putting on the “full armor of God.”

My Answers:

David committed extreme sin (adultery/murder), but when confronted he confessed and repented and was forgiven by the Lord

as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us PS 103:12

I had been proud in Bible study. I was humbled to take the time to read through the bible. I completed the NT and felt a joy of spirit not only in the accomplishment but in how it deepend my walk with God. I’m in the OT now (reading this week was, amazingly, the story of Abraham!)


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