08.4 Romans – Powerless

While we are working on vocabulary this week, let’s look at the word “powerless”.  It does not mean power-reduced or power-decreased.  On a scale of power from 0 to 100 it isn’t a 99, a 90, an 80 or even a 20.  Powerless doesn’t mean we have less power, it means we have ZERO power.  Zip.

Our ability to save ourselves is not a “we can take it part of the way and then God runs the final lap.” We don’t even make it to the starting gate.  We don’t make it to the race.  We don’t even make it out of bed.

Grace is God coming to our house to pick us up and carry us.  Running the good race is to realize all of the strength to run comes from God.  Without the Holy Spirit we have an empty tank and no wheels.

My Answers:

powerless, ungodly, sinners
Because it is clearly not something earned nor do we need to “qualify” for it by ancestry or deeds.

Powerless means without power without ability. We don’t have some ability, we are completely without.

It is unqualified and unearned. Salvation was given in love not reward or obligation.


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