08.5 Romans – Boasting and Celebrating

A few years ago our hometown team won the baseball world series.  In celebration the entire city came out.  Schools were closed.  Businesses shut down.  People literally parked on the highways and walked to the location of the parade and party.

Everywhere you looked, everyone was wearing uniforms, jerseys, team colors.  Flags, logos, banners.  Cheering, yelling, celebrating.

And what were we celebrating?  That our team scored more points than the other.  That we had more success with a ball and bat.

Now, let’s compare that accomplishment to the accomplishment of Christ.  To defeat death!  To rise, on His accord and own power, from the grave.  To be exalted to the most high.

The boasting and celebrating that Paul discusses is to boast and celebrate in Jesus in the same way we wear the jersey and celebrate the accomplishments of our hometeam.

Whose name is on the back of your jersey?  Hopefully it says Christ Jesus!

My Answers:

justified by His blood, saved from God’s wrath, through Him. Reconciled to him while still God’s enemies. reconciled through the death of His Son, having been reconciled, saved through His life. Boast in God, Through Jesus Christ we have receive reconciliation

balanced, no outlying debt or obligation, brought back into full communion, returned to an original state.

We are reconciled to God – God did not sin and leave, we did.

through Christ’s death and resurrection we are saved. We boast in His gift, his sacrifice and His accomplishment. we don’t “do” anything for He did it all.


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