09.3 Romans – Perspective

Artists will draw or paint a 3-D perspective on to a 2-D piece of art by using a technique know as a vanishing point.  They pick a point on the drawing and connect the lines to that point creating triangles, wide in the front, but narrowing to a single point in the back.

It has been said that art imitates life and, in this way, that is very true.  We see life and options available to us as a wide path.  We are free to go any direction, do anything, be whomever we want to be. But, the truth is that path narrows to nothingness.  The all things along that path converge to a single point that Adam brought in to the world. Death.

But, Jesus opened a new perspective.  As we first see it as a non-believer it is a single point, a tiny gate, a narrow path.  This point is the choice of faith.  Believe or do not believe.  Love God or hate God.  A single point for a single choice.

However, this choice is the exact opposite of Adam’s choice.  Instead of a path that starts wide and narrows, the path of being a believer is Christ starts narrow and goes eternally wide.  We grow in knowledge and faith.  We grow in holiness.  We grow in love.  We grow in compassion.  Instead of an end, we live for eternity.  Instead of being hemmed in by the walls of this world and this place and this time and this body, we will be set free to live in new bodies in heaven forever.

My Answers:

Both had free will and choice. Both were fully man. Both knew God personally and intimately. Both men brought eternal change to mankind.

Adam was a man who wanted to be like God. Jesus was God who elected to become a man to right the wrongs of the world.

Righteousness, being made right with God. It is the connecting point. Without the bridge or Christ’s death to bring righteousness, we do not have an opportunity to exit the path of sin and death.

We are born into Adams family. We are chosen and elect to become members of Jesus’ family through faith.
I’m united to both


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