09.4 Romans – Sinking Ship

Here is an illustration.  You and your wife are on a very big boat at sea.  The ship-builder equipped the boat with everything you could want or need and visits with you daily to care for your needs.  There is just one rule – don’t drill a hole in the bottom of the boat.  Seems like a pretty reasonable rule, right? Except that is what Adam and Eve did.  Wanting to be “like God” they brought destruction in to His creation.

Ever member of their family since has shared a common fate.  We are all born on a sinking boat with no ability, on our own, to repair it.  Some days we may be in denial that we are sinking, but we are.  Wishing it wasn’t so, lying about it, going along arguing that it is not so are all foolishness when the truth rushes in.

Adam was a man who wanted to be like God

Jesus is God who chose to become a man to save the world.

Jesus offers an alternative.  He has brought us a new boat, one that he navigated through the worst storms without a scratch and one that is perfectly seaworthy to take us home.  He comes to each of us individually, with an offer to accept his hand and come on to his vessel.  But it is up to us to choose.  He paid our ticket, He invited us aboard, we don’t earn our way, but we do have to get on His boat.

My Answers:

separation from God, sin, wickedness, sorted and thrown away into the blazing furnace, wrath and anger, trouble and distress, destruction

Jesus’ death and resurrection as payment for our sin

eternal life, Christ in me, living by faith, ability to approach God with freedom and confidence, heavenly citizenship, equiping, a desire to do what pleases God, glory, holiness, boldness to spread the word.

I pray and strive for it to be evident in all I think, say and do and that His words and spirit flow through me.


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