11.04 Romans – Choosing to Obey

We think of obedience as being forced to do something we do not want to do.  There are all these rules and each rule limits our freedom, removing something we can do and maybe want to do.

But that thinking is a lie in respect to a loving, benevolent God.

If I go to the doctor, whom I have chosen and who has my best interests at heart, and am prescribed medicine, wouldn’t I be wise to take the medicine?  If my body is thirsty, shouldn’t I stop and take a drink?  If my body is sleepy, shouldn’t I stop driving and give it rest?  If a sign warns of a danger of a sharp object or high voltage line, am I not wise to heed its warning?  Even if someone says, watch your step, do I bristle at obeying them?  Of course not.

We spend great portions of our life seeking out others to give us guidelines to obey.  We call them teachers, parents, coaches, counselors, doctors, trainers, spouses.  We welcome their guidance and work hard to follow.  Because they have our best interest at heart.

The idea that obedience is restriction is only true if the recommended path is not the optimal path.  If the direction we are given produces the optimal, best, maximum result, then following any other path would be to follow a path that yields less.  This type of obedience is not a restriction, it is optimization.

God’s commands do not offer us less, they offer us the most.  Following the path of obeying God doesn’t oppress us, it maximizes our joy.

To understand God’s desired relationship as one of perfect love for each of us yields no logical path but to obey what He commands.  Anything else would yield less and would be foolishness.

My Answers:

I do not obey God simply out of guilt or fear or obligation, I do so because I appreciate and love Him.

That Christ has paid the price of sin for all and we are no longer captives to it. That He is alive so that we may live.

Life, hope, joy, confidence, peace


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