11.05 Romans – Freedom

Paul concludes the chapter and our study this week by returning to where we started at the beginning of the week.  As a person who has accepted the gift of salvation of Jesus Christ you are free to choose the path you walk each day.  You choose whether to reflect God’s love or to hide it.  You choose whether to invest a tithe of your time in His word and in prayer or believing that you know all the answers on your own.  You choose how to use your body, your lips, your eyes, your hands.  You choose where your feet take you and what you choose to think, say and do.

But we are also free to choose God.  We are free to love Him and give Him thanks.  We are free to be shaped in holiness through His Spirit and His Word.  We are free to shine His light into the dark world to help and save others with His power.

The biggest freedom we are given is to choose whether we want to be judged and measured by the work we produce or the work Jesus produced for us.  If we choose our work, which we have the freedom to do, then we receive our due wages.  Paul makes this clear, the wages of sin is death.  Period.  How much death would you like to earn today?

But, if we choose God, then instead of wages we receive a gift.  The gift is eternal life, bought, packaged and delivered through Jesus Christ.  You can’t buy the gift, you don’t earn the gift.  It is a gift.

We have the freedom to respond to that gift in any way we choose.  I choose to give thanks and praise to God for the gift of Jesus.

My Answers:

Free from obedience, from work, from following, from a leader, from a master, from a creator, from obligation, from praise. Because in order to not be under these things means to live a lie in which we do not have a creator, that there is not consequence of sin, that we are masters of ourselves and in control, that the universe is an accident. It is not freedom, it is a depressing lie

A slave to sin is to hammered down and oppressed, a slave to God is to be lifted up and welcomed as family

I feel the deterioration of the body, I have loved ones who have died, I have seen death of the unsaved and the lack of hope that exists and the sadness, I have also seen the death of believers and the peace that is found in their faith by their family.

An attitude of joy and trust, a behavior to learn and share and serve my God in gratitude. A joyful giver.


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