20.2 Romans – Doxology

The word doxology is a combination of Doxa meaning opinion/glory and Logia meaning expressed in writing or verbally.  It is a way of naming the act of praise where we express in writing or verbally statements about God’s glory.  A doxology can be really short, “I give you honor and praise” or really long.  The doxology that we are most commonly familiar with (praise God from whom all blessings flow…), is actually just one verse in 17 to 20 verses of the full praise.  It can be, and often is, a song or poem, but it can also be any other form of expression.  Paul’s is clearly poetic and possibly a song.  I likened it to his High School Musical moment of breaking out in song in the middle of a deep letter on theology.

At its heart, a doxology is always a form of praise.  We need to understand what that word means, especially since over and over again we are called, in the bible, to praise God.  Praise and worship are related but not the same thing.  Think of it this way, worship is sitting down to dinner with God.  It is a time of community with God of pouring out and receiving of asking and learning of confession, repentance and forgiveness and healing.  Praise, on the other hand, is a love letter.  Where worship is multi-directional (me, God, others), praise is uni-directional (me to God).

There are three primary reasons why we praise God and, since our entire lesson this week is on a doxology of Paul’s praise to God, we’ll go over the three reasons as we dive deeper into the verses.

My Answers:

The joy that God will save the full number of Gentiles and Jews

The gentiles are saved by faith in Jesus and to make the Jews jealous so they will turn back to the Lord

His provision of family and a loving wife.



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