20.3 Romans – Right and Worthy

The first reason we praise God is because it is right and He is worthy.  The verses telling us to praise God are all over the bible, Old Testament and New Testament, in the Law, books of History, books of Wisdom, poetry, prophets, gospels epistles even (and especially) in Revelation where we witness the praise that occurs in heaven.  If you get nothing else from these verses, understand that we are called to praise God.  It is our vocation in our spiritual life to praise God.

Fortunately, this vocation is not difficult because God is fully worthy of our praise.  Like Paul, our praise often starts with acknowledging an attribute of God.  Paul picks 2 right off the bat:  God is rich in Wisdom and Knowledge.  After the roller-coaster Paul has been on in the last couple of chapters about the current and then future relationship between the Jews and God, the gentiles and God, the Jews and the Gentiles and God and finally that all Israel will be saved, it is good to remember that God is wise and knows everything.  He adds to it that God has a plan for wise judgment and a path, and He is guiding and directing us on this path that is beyond anything we could understand and imagine.

We have lots of attributes of God that we can draw from.  The BSF school program has a different attribute every week.  If you need a starting point, this list is available.  By focusing around one or two of the true characteristics of God it helps take our praise from the general to the specific, from a broad-brush stroke to a single feature of our God.

My Answers:

God’s wisdom and knowledge

1K: God knows everyones’ hearts so He alone can judge , forgive or act
J9: Wisdom is profound and power is vast
J28: God’s wisdom and understanding, He alone in the world understands all
P147: determines the number of stars and calls them each by name
P3: wisdom: laid earth’s foundations; by understanding, set the heavens in place

God has brought each of the right people in to my professional life at the exact right time to help me grow and to steer me on a path of using our business as a means of ministry


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